VirtualFem Virtual Sex Game Overview

Virtual sex games are adult games that simulate sex with beautiful women from the first person point of view (FPPOV), therefore making it feel as if you are actually there fucking the girls.

VirtualFem takes this a step further, in addition to the high resolution (HD) POV sex video, it has a brain. The VirtualFem brain is the result of an advanced artificial intelligence engine that actually allows you to literally speak to the girls and ask them to do things for you and they will do them, what is more they will also speak back to you.

The VirtualFem adult game simulates a web chat environment so that you can type in stuff such as "will you get those clothes off", "suck my cock woman" or "can I fuck you" etc and she will do it. You type in as if you were having a real conversation with these hotties, and better still they don't turn you down!

As already mentioned, thanks to the clever use of speech synthesis and voice recognition, using a microphone you are able to talk to these babes and they will talk back, no mundane shit about the shopping, the car or other stuff you don't want to hear, just answers to your questions.

For example you could say to VirtualFem Christina "Get naked for me right now!" and she might answer "You know it makes me hot when you watch me take off my clothes! I just think this is so sexy, you are turning me on!" not satisfied with your virtual girlfriend just standing there naked for you, you might say "Hey bitch let me fuck your ass" to which she could reply "I sure hope my tight ass can handle your big cock Andrew" (or whatever your name is). You get the picture "No" is not something you will hear from these girls.

How you interact is up to you, you might say "Darling give me a blowjob please" to which she could answer "Fuck my mouth baby. I want you to blow your creamy load down my throat" or perhaps you would say "Sweetheart can I stick my cock in your ass" to which she might answer "Oh yeah, fuck this tight ass baby, I know you like it!". As you see, treat her rough or treat her sweet and she'll still do what you ask her or tell her to.

All this is combined with the clever use of full motion POV video to make your interaction with these virtual girlfriends be about as close to the real thing only slightly behind actually fucking them for real.

There are dozens and dozens of VirtualFems, you could fuck a different girl every week for well over a year all for the cost of a membership to VirtualFem and there are more of these hot virtual girls being added to all the time.

It is as easy as 1, 2, 3 to play the VirtualFem adult game, but this game is so advanced that you get all the tools available to you to customise the experience, to add to or edit her brain to fulfil your own particular desires or even to create your own VirtualFems. There are many features such as having your girl dance to your own playlists, or read you the latest news that you may never want to use but are included nonetheless.

You can make your own VirtualFems to be whoever you want and you can create your own virtual companion from video clips that you may already have or even download some to make them. I am not going to tell you it is a simple job to create your own, just that you are given the tools to do it and that once you start to get the hang of it you will probably want to create your own ones more and more often.

As a member of VirtualFem you get to download every single virtual girl there has been since day one, that's all the virtual girlfriends you will find on this site. Once you have downloaded them they are yours to keep forever; even if you cancel your membership they will continue to do as you tell them.

In addition you do not need to be connected to the internet to play the VirtualFem virtual sex game, the only time you need a connection is when you are downloading the game or the girls.

If you remain a member (I have been a member myself since 2007) you will be able to download new girls, all the photo sets, software updates to the VirtualFem game and AI updates as they become available. There is at least one new girl every month.

So what are you waiting for, all you need to do to get started is to click either of the green download buttons, and get ready to experience what I would say is the best virtual sex game on the planet.

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