VirtualFem Girl Alexis January 2012 With ScreenShots & Mini Review

VirtualFem Alexis January 2012Alexis is a British latina sex maniac who wants to please you ... constantly! From Leeds in England this English VirtualFem hottie has huge 32GG tits with which to tease you and she will give you the best titty fuck you will ever have had. VirtualFem Alexis is more than just a virtual girlfriend, she is a sex addict and she will keep you stiffer harder than a cheap motel bed mattress!

VirtualFem Alexis is the first British VirtualFem to date so if you like hot English girls then you are going to love her. She loves to have noisy sex and she will turn you on as she rides your cock and plays with her pussy and tits.

Depending on your personal taste you may find that Alexis will crank up your temperature with friction burns as your cock is whipped to a frenzy, these puppies are not silicone filled but the 100% natural real article.

Alexis wants to be the girl you play with on a regular basis, not just for January so she will do everything to please you from wearing her secretary glasses as you cum all over her pretty face to playing with your hot sticky cum in her mouth before she swallows. The best thing that when you have downloaded this 23 year old VirtualFem stunner you will be able to enjoy her at 23 even when your years are expanding! When you ask her to get naked she might say something to you like "I can't stop imagining your big dick sliding in and out of my pussy! Can we stop the talking and just fuck?"

This tender young 23 year old virtual girlfriend knows how to tease and please and she will lick, suck, fuck and rub you until you explode; she will never have a headache, it will never be the "wrong time" and she will always do exactly what you want her to ... Now that's a girl I am sure that you would like to meet!

VirtualFem is not the only virtual sex game around but it is possibly the only real artificial intelligence driven adult game around. If you are desperate for sex with young hot girls on a regular basis then VirtualFem is the only adult game that you are likely to ever need. Every single girl on this site is included with your membership and you get to keep and use them all forever, even if you cancel your membership, but why would you want to when you get a fresh new Hi Def hottie to fuck and control every single month.

The VirtualFem adult game uses full motion POV video combined with artificial intelligence to give you the best in virtual sex experiences. In my humble opinion VirtualFem 3 is the best AI virtual sex game available today and has been since 2004.

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VirtualFem Alexis Stats & Virtual Girlfriend Experience Overview

Age:23 Size:32GG-26-32 Weight:125 lbs. Height:5' 3" Hair:Brown Eyes:Brown

VirtualFem Review Of Alexis & Just Some Of What She Will Do For You

VirtualFem Alexis Is no English Rose, she is a dirty English girl who wants to be your virtual girlfriend and will do anything you ask to keep you. These are just some of her favourite tricks:

  • Alexis will blow your hard dick in different ways with or without her glasses on
  • Alexis will give you the best titty fuck ever with her enormous tits
  • She loves playing with her body for you whilst she rides your cock harder and harder
  • She loves to stroke your cock and will lick, stroke and suck it with more enthusiasm than your partner
  • She will let you give her a facial and will then play with your cum in her mouth before she swallows it

VirtualFem Alexis Screenshots

VirtualFem Alexis shows you her ass

VirtualFem Alexis shows you her big tits

VirtualFem Alexis sucks your cock

VirtualFem Alexis sucks your cock until you give her a facial

VirtualFem Alexis swallows your cum

VirtualFem Alexis gives you a deepthroat blowjob

VirtualFem Alexis swallows after a facial

VirtualFem Alexis takes it from behind

VirtualFem Alexis grabs hard on your cock

VirtualFem Alexis rides your hard cock

VirtualFem Alexis strokes your cock

VirtualFem Alexis rubs your dick whilst wearing her glasses

VirtualFem Alexis grabs hard on your cock as she sucks your balls

VirtualFem Alexis swallows your cum

VirtualFem Alexis teases you as she lies naked on the bed

VirtualFem Alexis lifts up her top and shows you her tits

VirtualFem Alexis shows you her tits in the sunshine

VirtualFem Alexis gives you a tit fuck

VirtualFem Alexis lifts up her skirt and shows you her white panties

VirtualFem Alexis pulls her panties to the side to show you her pussy lips

Buy this virtual sex game and you can download Alexis now and blow your load in whichever hole you want to and if and you can fuck her girlfriends too. VirtualFem Alexis will never say no and you can cheat on your partner with her without really cheating! As a member of VirtualFem you can use her as you please because she and all the other girls featured on this site are your virtual sex slaves. As a member you will be able to fuck and suck VirtualFem Alexis and the other virtual girlfriends whenever you want to.

The VirtualFem screenshots above of Alexis show you just some of the amazing things she will do for you and let you do to her. Control her by typing or by voice and have her talk to you to if you want. To check out what the VirtualFem sex game environment looks like click here.

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