VirtualFem Girl Avy April 2008 With ScreenShots & Mini Review

VirtualFem Avy April 2008VirtualFem Avy is another gorgeous brown haired girl she is a cheeky young thing who likes to please you and have a bit of fun at the same time.

With Avy and all the other VirtualFem girls all you have to do is to ask and you will get them to do almost anything for you. Avy loves to let you carress her body and enjoys having you slide your fingers into her tight little pussy.

VirtualFem Avy loves to worship your cock, she'll stroke it, lick it, suck it and grind her tight little cunt along it just waiting for you to blow your load into her mouth so she can eat it all, she'll make sure she doesn't miss a bit!

you will want to pump Avy again and again as she moans in pleasure with every stroke of your cock. The clever use of POV motion video will make it all seem like you are really there.

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VirtualFem Avy Stats & Virtual Girlfriend Experience Overview

Age:21 Size:34B-21-34 Weight:115 lbs. Height:5' 3" Hair:Brunette Eyes:Brown

A Few Of The Things You Can Look Forward To From VirtualFem Avy

With VirtualFem Avy you get to have sex with a stunning brunette who just loves to have your cock, some of the things you have to look forward to are below:

  • Carressing her all over
  • Fingering her tight pussy
  • Having her grind your cock with her beautiful wet pussy
  • Genuine sex enjoyment and moaning
  • Kneeling blowjob and cum swallowing

VirtualFem Avy Screenshots

VirtualFem Avy in sexy panties

VirtualFem Avy plays with her cunt for you

VirtualFem Avy lets you grope her tits

VirtualFem Avy lets you touch her pussy

VirtualFem Avy gives you a handjob

VirtualFem Avy kneels whilst she blows you

VirtualFem Avy loves licking cock

VirtualFem Avy lets you cum in her mouth

VirtualFem Avy loves it when you finger her cunt

VirtualFem Avy lets you grope her ass

VirtualFem Avy likes her pussy spread

VirtualFem Avy gets turned on when you lick her tight pussy

VirtualFem Avy moans in pleasure as you fuck her pussy

VirtualFem Avy grinds your big cock

VirtualFem Avy rides your big hard cock

VirtualFem Avy swallows your hot cum

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The VirtualFem screenshots above of Ava show you just some of the things you can do with her. Control her by typing or by voice and have her talk to you to if you want. To check out what the VirtualFem sex game environment looks like click here.

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