VirtualFem Girl Brianna July 2012 With ScreenShots & Mini Review

VirtualFem Brianna July 2012Brianna is just 19 years old and as slim and pert a 19 year old as you will find anywhere, she is beautiful and blonde with a body to die for, and if you love CFNM blowjobs or indeed just seeing a hot chick suck your cock theshe is the virtual girlfriend for you.

Brianna is a typical California girl from Fresno, looks like she could have come from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, she has pert little 34A tits and a tight young pussy and oh her mouth, well that is waiting to please you so many times and in so many ways, it makes me horny just thinking about her.

Brianna just loves to turn you on, and in this case she is playing the hooker for you, she wants to be a dirty girl just for you, she will get down to it in an alley and ride you hard after she has got on her knees and blown your hard dick.

VirtualFem Brianna is good at everything and she is quite frankly so hot that even if she was shit at it you would still get your rocks off. If you enjoy watching hot teen coed types whipping your cock out and sucking it until you cum and then swallowing your man jelly enjoying every drop then she is definitely worth joining for.

Brianna will dress up in different clothes and get down right there and blow you without taking them all off, she will also give you a blowjob and a handjob as she has a bath and will then swallow your full load. This girl loves to fuck and she loves to please and she will be doing plenty of that. She might say "You know I am going to go to town on this big dick, I know how to suck you like you like it" or "I am going to fuck your brains outdo you like it when I climb on top?"

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VirtualFem Brianna Stats & Virtual Girlfriend Experience Overview

Age:19 Size:34A-22-36 Weight:110 lbs. Height:5' 3" Hair:Blonde Eyes:Hazel

VirtualFem Review Of Brianna & Just Some Of What She Will Do For You

VirtualFem Brianna is a blowjob loving teen who enjoys sex and role play more than anything. She loves to blow you until you cum in her mouth in so many different places. These are just some of her favourite tricks:

  • Brianna will suck your dick before riding your hard dick
  • Brianna loves teasing you any way she can and she loves CFNM blowjobs
  • She will give you a blowjob and a handjob in the bath then let you cum in her mouth
  • She will swallow your cum in different locations and different ways
  • She loves role playing as a hooker to turn you on, and she will do anything you ask of her.

VirtualFem Brianna Screenshots

VirtualFem Brianna loves to suck your cock when role playing

VirtualFem Brianna sucks your cock in the bath

VirtualFem Brianna sucks your cock in the bath

VirtualFem Brianna lets you cum in her mouth after her bath

VirtualFem Brianna teases you to turn you on

VirtualFem Brianna blows you whilst she is dressed in black

VirtualFem Brianna plays with you whilst she is dressed in black

VirtualFem Brianna nearly orgasms as you play with her tits

VirtualFem Brianna loves being fucked doggy style

VirtualFem Brianna loves being fucked slowly

VirtualFem Brianna dresses as a hooker then sucks your cock

VirtualFem Brianna dresses as a hooker wearing glasses then sucks your cock

VirtualFem Brianna dresses as a hooker then plays with your cock

VirtualFem Brianna strips before sucking your cock

VirtualFem Brianna swallows your cum

VirtualFem Brianna lies on the floor before she sucks your cock

VirtualFem Brianna dresses in lingerie then sucks you until you cum

VirtualFem Brianna rides you reverse cowgirl

VirtualFem Brianna rides you hard

VirtualFem Briannna gives you a CFNM blowjob whilst dressed in white

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