VirtualFem Girl Brooke August 2006 With ScreenShots & Mini Review

VirtualFem Brooke August 2006VirtualFem Brooke is a cheeky sex loving brunette who will rock your sexual world. She loves to blow you and will treat you to some titty fucking in the hot tub if you ask.

Sex with VirtualFem Brooke is a treat, she will give you a CFNM blowjob experience, handjob or kneel whilst she strips for you to show her pert little titties.

VirtualFem Brooke will let you fuck her tits and she will blow you to oblivion or give you a handjob whilst sucking your balls.

Thanks to the clever use of full motion POV video in VirtualFem, your sexual experiences with Brooke will leave you believing that you were really there with her.

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VirtualFem Brooke Stats & Virtual Girlfriend Experience Overview

Age:21 Size:34C-21-33 Weight:110 lbs. Height:5' 3" Hair:Brunette Eyes:Brown

A Few Of The Things You Can Look Forward To From VirtualFem Brooke

With VirtualFem Brooke you get to fuck some beautiful pert tits and get some head from a sexy brunette. Below are just some of the things you have to look forward to:

  • Multiple titty fuck locations
  • Multiple handjobs and blowjobs
  • CFNM blowjob and handjob
  • Cum swallowing in a hot tub
  • Multiple sex positions

VirtualFem Brooke Screenshots

VirtualFem Brooke loves teasing your cock

VirtualFem Brooke gives you a CFNM blowjob

VirtualFem Brooke gives you a CFNM hand job

VirtualFem Brooke enjoys having your cum in her mouth

VirtualFem Brooke loves having your hard cokc inside her

VirtualFem Brooke loves sex doggy style

VirtualFem Brooke gives you a hot tub hand job

VirtualFem Brooke loves it when you fuck her tits

VirtualFem Brooke loves to give you a blowjob in the hot tub

VirtualFem Brooke rides your cock

VirtualFem Brooke strips naked just for you

VirtualFem Brooke loves it when you fuck her tits in the hot tub

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The VirtualFem screenshots above of Brooke show you just some of the things you can do with her. Control her by typing or by voice and have her talk to you to if you want. To check out what the VirtualFem sex game environment looks like click here.

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