VirtualFem Girl Kaylie December 2012 With ScreenShots & Mini Review

VirtualFem Kaylie December 2012Kaylie is only 20 years old, blonde, and has a body to die for. She is firm and athletic and loves sex and will be very vocal for you; not only will she let you do almost anything to her if it pleases you, she will perform for you with masturbation, lap dances and even squirt for you ... whenever you want! She gives a fantastic blowjob and really will turn you on as she uses her dildo on herself in her little white outfit.

Her beautiful little tits are a lovely 34B and she has a tight shaved pussy which she will get you to fill at every opportunity. She practices sex with you whenever you want it, she will be your virtual girlfriend and will never say no, will never have a headache and will always look the same as the day you first met.

Kaylie will let you come on her face, she enjoys nothing more than a good facial and loves to turn you on at every opportunity. She has several outfits that she will strip out of for you, she even will keep her sexy black stockings and garter belt on in order to drive you crazy with a lap dance.

With Kaylie in front of you you will grow hard instantly and she will know just what to do with you to give you the maximum pleasure until you finally explode in her face covering her face and pert little tits with your man jelly.

For more than 8 years the VirtualFem adult game has been providing you with the best girls to fuck and play with with whenever you are feeling horny; how you do it is up to you, via a chat box, voice recognition and interactive POV video. If you want sex with virtual girls who crave sex and want to be your best lay ever then VirtualFem is the only adult game that you will ever need. Every one of the hot virtual girlfriends on this site is included with your membership and you get to keep and use them all forever, even if you cancel your membership, but why would you want to when you get a fresh new Hi Def hottie to have sex with every single month.

The VirtualFem adult game uses full motion POV video combined with artificial intelligence to give you the best in virtual sex experiences. In my humble opinion VirtualFem 3 is the best AI virtual sex game available today and has been since 2004.

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VirtualFem Kaylie Stats & Virtual Girlfriend Experience Overview

Age:20 Size:34B-24-34 Weight:103 lbs. Height:5' 1" Hair:Blonde Eyes:Blue

VirtualFem Review Of Kaylie & Just Some Of What She Will Do For You

VirtualFem Kaylie is a fun loving, cock teasing sex maniac from New Jersey whose favourite book is fifty shades of grey and she practices her fantasies on you. These are just some of her favourite tricks:

  • Kaylie will let you have give her a facial and blow your load on her tits
  • Kaylie will strip to her stockings and garter belt in order to lap dance for you
  • Kaylie will give you the best blowjob and hand job you could ask for
  • She loves to dress up for you just so that she can strip out of all her outfits
  • She loves to masturbate for you or fuck herself with her dildo.

VirtualFem Kaylie Screenshots

VirtualFem Kaylie has doggy style with you

VirtualFem Kaylie gets a facial

VirtualFem Kaylie gets her pussy fucked

VirtualFem Kaylie plays wih her dildo for you you

VirtualFem Kaylie gives you a personal lap dance

VirtualFem Kaylie masturbates for you

VirtualFem Kaylie shows you her tits

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VirtualFem Kaylie rides you reverse cowgirl

VirtualFem Kaylie rides your cock

VirtualFem Kaylie shows you her tits as she rides you

VirtualFem Kaylie plays wih her pussy and squirts as she cums

VirtualFem Kaylie gives you a handjob

VirtualFem Kaylie sucks your cock

VirtualFem Kaylie sucks her vibrator

VirtualFem Kaylie shows you her pussy

There are no virtual sex game around as good as Virtualfem. You can download Kaylie right away to enjoy her every minute of the day, every day if you want. If you would prefer a change then there are a huge array of other virtual girlfriends to fuck. VirtualFem Kaylie will always be 20 for you so even if you are 96 and your memory has gone then she will sort you out ... assuming you can remember where the computer is of course!! As a member of VirtualFem you can use her as you please because she and all the other girls featured on this site are your virtual sex slaves. As a member you will be able to enjoy VirtualFem Kaylie and the other virtual girlfriends whenever you want to.

The VirtualFem screenshots above of Paige show you just some of the amazing things she will do for you and let you do to her. Control her by typing or by voice and have her talk to you to if you want. To check out what the VirtualFem sex game environment looks like click here.

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