VirtualFem Kristina Rose October 2013 With ScreenShots & Mini Review

VirtualFem Kristina Rose October 2013Lindsay Meadows puts the sex in sexy, with her black hair, her petite and lithe body and her sweetly pert 34A breasts, she is bound to turn you to jelly as she spreads her legs across your body to ride your hard dick.

As with all the recent virtual girlfriends offered by VirtualFem she comes in both a standard and hi definition version which allows you to decide based on your download speeds and limits and your disk space.

As with all the other virtual girlfriends she will have her favourite sexual positions and some she won't do, anal sex isn't one you'll be getting from Kristina, but with so many other girls to choose from who do like it then this won't cause you any bother.

VirtualFem Kristina is just 29 years old and she loves to play, she likes dressing in a variety of clothes and whilst she doesn't have sex with you in loads of different locations she does make the most of those that she does them in the best CFNM style.

She will be your nurse and she will keep her uniform on whilst she pleases and teases you, so if boffing a nurse is a fantasy of yours, then you are going to love Kristina. In addition whilst dressed in a tight sexy outfit with fishnets she will give you a fantastic blowjob and swallow your cum.

There are so many virtual girlfriends on VirtualFem that in the unlikely event that Kristina is not your cup of tea, one of the others will be, and as a member of VirtualFem you do get to have them all, they will be yours to keep forever even if you cancel your membership.

In order to make it as easy and natural as possible to talk to the girls, there is a chat box, voice recognition and interactive POV video. Lesbian sex, outdoor sex, role playing, anal sex and much more will be available to you with different girls doing different things. If you are tired of the excuses, I have a headache, or I'm too tired etc then you can just turn on your PC and cal upon one of your other girlfriends who will never say no. Every one of the Virtualfem girls on this site is included with your membership and you get to keep and use them all forever, even if you cancel your membership, but why would you want to when you get a fresh new Hi Def babe to have sex with every single month.

The VirtualFem adult game uses full motion POV video combined with artificial intelligence to give you the best in virtual sex experiences. In my humble opinion VirtualFem 3 is the best AI virtual sex game available today and has been since 2004.

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VirtualFem Kristina Rose Stats & Virtual Girlfriend Experience Overview

Age:29 Size:34a-25-37 Weight:110 lbs. Height:5' 1" Hair:Black Eyes:Brown

VirtualFem Review Of Kristina Rose& Just Some Of What She Will Do For You

VirtualFem Kristina Rose is a petite beauty who loves to have sex with her girlfriend to please you and then to really please you!! She loves to dress up and stay that way whilst you have sex, she loves oral sex and facials.

  • Kristina loves to suck you off as you blow your load on her
  • Kristina loves her girlfriend to eat her pussy
  • She loves to get her nurses uniform on and "treat" you well
  • She likes to dress in her sexy fishnets as she blows you
  • She loves to tease you and please you whenever you need her

VirtualFem Kristina Rose Screenshots

Virtualfem Kristina Rose in sexy fishnet stockings

Virtualfem Kristina Rose gives you a handjob

Virtualfem Kristina Rose licks your hard dick

Virtualfem Kristina Rose gives you a deepthroat

Virtualfem Kristina Rose has an orgasm as her GF plays with her

Virtualfem Kristina Rose has her pussy licked

Virtualfem Kristina Rose eats her GF's pussy

Virtualfem Kristina Rose and her girlfriend play with their dildos

Virtualfem Kristina Rose sucks her GF's tits

Virtualfem Kristina Rose and her girlfriend touching each other

Nurse Virtualfem Kristina Rose takes it from behind

Nurse Virtualfem Kristina Rose lies face down and lets you fuck her

Nurse Virtualfem Kristina Rose gets a facial

Nurse Virtualfem Kristina Rose rides you reverse cowgirl style

Nurse Virtualfem Kristina Rose rides your hard dick

Nurse Virtualfem Kristina Rose gets spanked

Nurse Virtualfem Kristina Rose sits on top aand strokes your dick

Nurse Virtualfem Kristina Rose gives you a blowjob

Virtualfem Kristina Rose shows you her pussy

Virtualfem Kristina Rose shows you her tits

VirtualFem is an adult game like no other; sex loving women are there for you whenever you need them for you to talk to and ask to do whatever you want. You can download Kristina Rose right away and be watching her girlfriend get her off within minutes. If you would prefer a different girl one day then there are plenty of hot babes to choose from. VirtualFem Kristina Rose will please you as a sexy 29 year old nurse even when you are old!! As a member of VirtualFem you can fuck her when you please because she and all the other girls featured on this site are all your virtual girlfriends if you want them to be. As a member you will be able to enjoy VirtualFem Kelly and the other virtual girlfriends whenever you want to.

The VirtualFem screenshots above of Kristina Rose show you just some of the amazing things she will do for you and let you do to her. Control her by typing or by voice and have her talk to you to if you want. To check out what the VirtualFem sex game environment looks like click here.

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