VirtualFem Advanced Virtual Sex Game ScreenShots

We have the largest amount of screenshots and more detail about the VirtualFem virtual sex game than you will find anywhere else on the internet. All this information has been created with the kind permission of the VirtualFem sex game's creators.

We will provide you with screenshots and detail of everyone of the Virtual girlfriends since VirtualFem began back in 2004. For the most part we are providing the shots just of the video action so that you can see the virtual sex in more detail.

You will also however find some where we have captured the whole screen to include the chat environment, also various screen shots of the game settings and options all of which are below.

From the VirtualFem screen shots below you will be able to see the abundance of ways that you can interact with your virtual girlfriends. Do it by chat box by voice control or by hint selection and each virtual girlfriend can even talk to you, how cool is that!

VirtualFem Sex Game Screenshots

VirtualFem Emily playing with tits chatroom

VirtualFem Lauren removes her top

VirtualFem Eva strips for you

VirtualFem Cindy gets her tits fucked

VirtualFem Tara sucks your balls and strokes your cock

VirtualFem Veronica sucks your cock

VirtualFem Veronica sucks your cock

VirtualFem Veronica sucks your cock

VirtualFem Scoolgirl Angela blows you in the classroom

VirtualFem Veronica sucks your cock

VirtualFem Estella shows you her beautiful firm tits

VirtualFem Avy plays with her tight cunt

VirtualFem Avy gets her tight pussy licked by you

You watch VirtualFem Veronica fuck a dildo

VirtualFem Sindy loves you fucking her tight cunt

VirtualFem Cindy loves you to ass fuck her

The VirtualFem adult game brain editor

The Virtual girlfriend game brain editor

The Virtual girlfriend adult game aiml editor

The VirtualFem sex game hints window

The VirtualFem adult game introduction to virtual girl holly

Virtual girlfriend Rebecca dances naked to your MP3 play list

The Virtual girlfriend adult game with minimized chat interface

The VirtualFem sex game opening screen

The VirtualFem adult game options screen

Virtual girlfriend game speech recognition setting screen

The Virtual girlfriend adult game speech synthesis options

The VirtualFem sex game is just fantastic

Above are just a few of the hundreds of VirtualFem screenshots that we have for you so go to the VirtualFem Girls page and click on the virtual girlfriend whose screenshots you would like to see.

We will update our VirtualFem screenshots with every new Virtual girlfriend as soon as we can download her each month, so be sure that you bookmark the site and visit often.